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The Barberbershoppe 

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to wake up and do what it is that drives you and make a living doing it? The sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from knowing you're in the right place at the right time doing the right thing designed by and for you?


to the place where we celebrate artist who use their talents in the beauty industry! 

In the re-merging art of Barbering, there is a need to return to basics in professionalism, literacy ad execution of this amazing craft. 

To tone down the fast paced haircutting world and offer our community something better by giving them an experience where their value and worth are validated.

By returning to the core fundamentals of Barbering, you are joining a passionate community of artists who value each individual. As well as honing our skills we desire to continue thriving and being a beacon of light in our industry.

You are driven and want to do a deep dive into your personal development to determine:


1. WHERE in this industry you ACTUALLY belong


2. WHERE are you now 

3. WHERE you should be based on WHO you are

Follow the Pathway to uncover the artist within, find out where your art is best applied, and live your passion!

Follow the Pathway 

in 3 easy modules to uncover a sense of direction and find satisfaction as you discover the best manifestation of your artistic expression.

The Artist Center

It is a tragedy to operate in a space that was never intended for you; where your true potential goes unrealized. 

No great success was ever achieved without a plan.

Your fear is obsolete; 

It's time to cross over. On the other side lies your greatness.

"Women cannot be barbers." He said emphatically as he sat across from me at dinner, lounging in the seat he occupied. His wife snapped her head in his direction with a "don't start' stare and then back to me apologetically. 

The four of us sat quietly for a moment before I burst, 

"YES WE CAN!" My tone was a little aggressive as I retorted to the insult.

"No you can't." was his stern reply as he stared at me from down his nose, fixed on my submission and daring me to push the issue. I glanced at my partner as he nodded in agreement with our guest and proceeded to confirm the erroneous statement. 

It was then that I knew I was in the right industry. 

I decided not only can I be good, I can be brilliant. I have always been passionate about helping people understand their hair and desire to help reduce the morning struggle! 

Hair is an artistic outlet of self expression; wearable art. 

My journey didn't start there and it definitely will not end with the opinions of others either! And neither should yours. 

Rebekah Reed

Where Do You Fit In?

The industry boasts some of the most elite and talented professionals with years of experience and crowds waiting on extensive waitlists just to have their har cut by one of these barber gurus. 

Where do you go when you're making a name for yourself and want to live your passions and apply it in your way?

Where in this amazing industry for you get to shine?

Empowered, Creative, Trained, Driven

You will discover how to obtain a deeper connection with what drive you and how to best apply your version of your passion with our industry in your way.

Take the steps to discover your place for your passion and unlock your potential and where you fit. It is my desire to help the barber community by giving more trained professionals to the trade, an to uplift others and put a skill in their hands that can provide them financial stability and a creative outlet. 

Uncover the layers of how your talent exists and how it is best applied in the industry by gaining a mental understanding of how you the artist should best apply your skills

Confident, Connected, Successful

Define your niche in the industry and own your licence to operate anywhere.


Before You Commit 

to the rigorous training to become an accredited or certified member of the beauty community of artists, know where you fit according to who you are and ow you operate as an individual. The purpose is to avoid  locating your niche lat into your journey as I did, or to avoid becoming jaded and apathetic towards your gifts and talents.

When you find your artist type, you can then share your gifts with enthusiasm and genuine authenticity. Love what you do, feel privileged and share it.

This journey you're on will be supported with recordings and exercises as you work through the 9 steps to decoding your artist self and move forward to gain a better understanding of how you best create within this industry.


Follow the path to reveal your natural ability and how to best manifest it. Uncover who you are, where you're going and a plan to help you get there!

Your journey awaits

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